Conservation Retreats: A chance for lawmakers to see conservation in action

Every legislative session, Virginia’s lawmakers act on hundreds of pieces of
legislation, all with tangible impacts to citizens across the commonwealth.

This is especially true when it comes to protecting our environment – our clean air,
clean water and protected lands in Virginia all have direct implications for public
health and safety, quality of life, and our economy.

This is why, since 2009, the Virginia LCV Education Fund has hosted state legislators
on annual Conservation Retreats, opportunities for Virginia’s decision-makers to see
firsthand what the state policies they enact in Richmond look like in action.

This context is vital in ensuring lawmakers are able to connect votes they cast in the
capitol to real progress for the environment and the commonwealth as a whole.

Whether it’s meeting with farmers who are doing their part to protect the
Chesapeake Bay through Virginia’s best management practices cost-share programs,
or talking one-on-one about the impact climate change is having on the grape
harvest at a local vineyard, these retreats give lawmakers an up-close-and-personal
look at the intersection of environmental policy-making and long-term impacts to
communities across Virginia.

Thanks to the Campbell Foundation and Agua Fund for their continued support of
our annual Conservation Retreats.