Conservation Issues

Conservation Issues

The Virginia League of Conservation Voters Education Fund protects resources important to all Virginians: clean air and water, thriving communities and rural landscapes, productive farms and forests, historic battlefields and Main Streets, and ample public and recreation lands.

Keep the Ban

Since 2008, the Education Fund has been educating and engaging residents around the significant benefits of Virginia’s ban on uranium mining and milling. This critical state policy protects our heritage, our health and our future. Read more here and then sign the petition to Keep the Ban.

Support Community Protections

An increasing number of communities are being rushed to decide whether drilling for natural gas using hydraulic fracturing is compatible with their community’s vision. Let’s not rush that decision in Virginia. Let’s protect our communities from the dangers of fracking. Read more here.

Land Preservation

Virginia has an amazing landscape full of scenic beauty and history. It is important to protect these treasured places for future generations. With the support of residents across the Commonwealth, Virginia officials have developed unique and valuable land preservation tools that help landowners and municipalities preserve these historic and scenic lands. These preservation policies must remain robust and fully funded for the benefit of the entire Commonwealth.

Protect and Restore our Rivers and the Chesapeake Bay

Our rivers and streams are extremely important—they provide drinking water for millions, they allow for recreation throughout the year, they are critical to many sectors of our economy including agriculture and tourism, and ultimately they are part of our way of life in Virginia. We deserve clean streams and a restored Chesapeake Bay. The Education Fund is an active partner with the Choose Clean Water Coalition.

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