Conservation e-Action Network

Conservation e-Action Network

Are you interested in what goes on at the General Assembly? Do you want to get involved and make a difference, but don’t think you have the time?

Join the Conservation eAction Virginia (CAV) Network Now!

With the click of a mouse you can—

  • Stay informed about state government and pressing conservation issues
  • Let our email alert system put you in touch with decision makers around the state
  • Have a significant impact on the outcome of important legislation

The CAV Network lets you be a two-minute activist from the comfort of your own home. Receive alerts on the most pressing conservation issues and send messages to your representatives that pack a punch.

Joining CAV will let you keep in touch with your elected representatives on issues such as clean air and water, sprawl, transportation and growth management; wilderness and forestry; and toxins and pesticides.

Enjoy being part of the team…and part of the solution!

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